Priority Registration Begins May 1, 2019     General Registration Begins May 15, 2019

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Transfer Registration



The online transfer program is a second chance to participate in the Army Ten-Miler (ATM) after registration has closed. A registered runner may transfer (sell) his or her registration to a new participant. The seller can either request a refund of the $79 registration fee (in which case the buyer pays the $79 registration fee and processing fees) or request that the registration be transferred with no refund and no registration fee to the person accepting the transfer.

The person accepting the transfer must pay a $25 transfer fee (therefore, depending on whether the seller requests a refund or not, the recipient will pay a total of $104 and processing fees (transfer fee plus registration fee) or $25 (transfer fee only).


The real-time discussion transfer boards where buyers and sellers can connect


  • Sellers post on the sellers’ boards and/or can reply to posts on the buyers’ boards
  • Buyers post on the buyers’ boards and can reply to posts on the sellers’ boards
  • Buyers cannot post on the sellers’ boards.


How Does the Process Work?


  • The process takes place entirely online. The seller will initiate the transfer by clicking on the transfer link. A form will appear and the seller will enter: last name, birth date, zip code and last four digits of the credit card used for the original purchase or the invoice/customer number found on the receipt. If you do not have the credit card or customer number, you can click on the "please request a code" link and fill out the form to receive a code.
  • If you requested a code, you will enter the code on the transfer form and click continue. Then you will be able to start the transfer process.
  • You will enter the first name, last name, and email address (and confirm the email address) of the person who is receiving the transfer. You will have the choice of gifting the registration or getting a refund for the registration. If you are transferring using a prepaid code, refunds are not available.
  • An email link will be automatically generated and sent to the buyer. The recipient will have 72 hours to accept the transfer and pay for the registration.  
  • Once the transaction is completed, the buyer will receive a confirmation email.



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