Individual In-Person Race Category is Sold Out. Please continue to monitor this website and the Army Ten-Miler registration page. If approved, Army Ten-Miler will add additional registration entries (in-person or virtual) no later than 9 August 2022.
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Race Day

Garment Check & Policies

Runners must check all personal items at the Clement Nedd Garment Check Zone.
Sunday, October 9, 2022 from 6 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Pentagon Metro Station, lower bus terminal

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Security Policies

Steps to Check Your Garments

  • No backpacks or gym bags allowed.
  • Place in a clear plastic garment bag provided.
  • Use a permanent marker to write your race number. (Markers will be supplied.)
  • Detach the garment check tab from your race bib and attach it to your bag. (Volunteers will be standing by to assist.)
  • We strongly recommend not leaving your mobile phone, wallet or other valuables in your garment bag.

The ATM is not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen items.

Picking Up Your Garments


  • Walk or take the free event shuttle, back to the garment check.
  • Retreieve your items no later than 12:30 p.m.

Race Course Security Information

PROHIBITED items on the race course:

  • Backpacks (of any type/size)
  • Personal music devices (headphones, earbuds, MP3 players, iPods, etc.)
  • Edged weapons/cutting devices
  • Firearms of any kind
  • Explosive/flammable/combustible items, materials or devices
  • Aerosol sprays (pepper or mace)
  • Strollers or baby-jogger
  • Inline or quad roller skates, skateboards or bicycles
  • Pets/animals (except disability or service canines)
  • Glass containers or bottles
  • Vulgar or obscene flags/banners/signs or clothing/attire

AUTHORIZED items on the race course: 

  • Fanny packs
  • Mobile phones
  • Heart-rate or pace monitors
  • Watches (to include GPS or pace)
  • Small medical kits
  • Gel packs
  • Water bottles or water belts
  • Standalone hydration systems

Pentagon Security Information

PROHIBITED items at the Pentagon: 

  • Backpacks (of any type/size)
  • Edged weapons/cutting devices
  • Firearms of any kind
  • Explosive/flammable/combustible items, materials, or devices
  • Aerosol sprays (pepper/mace)
  • Pets/animals (except service and assistance canines)
  • Glass containers or bottles
  • Coolers of any size
  • Vulgar or obscene flags/banners/signs or clothing/attire.  

AUTHORIZED ITEMS at the Pentagon: 

  • Mobile phones
  • Strollers and infant bags
  • Bicycles (must be walked)
  • Still/video cameras or recorders (photography of Pentagon building is prohibited)
  • Service and assistance canines

About the Clement Nedd Garment Check Zone

The ATM’s garment check zone was named after Clement Nedd, who worked for the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) for 30+ years. He played an integral role in securing approval for the ATM to use the Pentagon Metro’s lower bus terminal as a garment check for race participants. Clement Nedd passed away in 2008, and the zone bears his name in honor of his memory, professionalism and dedication.



Security Policy: In the event of any security policy change, there will be no refunds.

Refund Policy:
Runner Non-Participation/Cancellation of Race: I understand that if I do not participate in this race and its associated events (i.e. Pasta Dinner and others) or if this race and its associated events cannot be held because of an act of God or circumstances beyond the Army Ten-Miler Fund's control - i.e. weather delays and impact, pandemic and impact, civil unrest, government restrictions, or unforeseen commercial delays - any expenses incurred or entry fees and processing fees paid by me to participate will not be refunded. 

Change in Race Format: I understand that if the Senior Army leadership makes a decision to change the 2022 In-Person Army Ten-Miler race format from in-person to- i.e. hybrid or a virtual race - I will have an option to receive a registration fee refund (the processing fees will not be refunded) or a deferral of that registration fee to the 2023 Army Ten-Miler Race.  

Sponsorship. No Federal endorsement implied.
Sponsorship. No Federal endorsement implied.
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