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Creating A Team

Team Creation cost - $55. The cost includes the team setup and name only. Individual runner registrations are $79 each. There is a processing fee for the team and the registrations.
Prepaid codes can only be purchased when the team name is created. The team captain may purchase up to 8 prepaid codes for each team name.

  • Must have a minimum of 4 runners
  • May have a maximum of 8 runners
  • All runners on the team must meet eligibility requirements or the team is subject to disqualification
  • Race Day – October 13, 2019

Create a Team

Prepaid Code FAQs                     

What are the benefits to purchasing a prepaid code?

  • You don't need to know the members of your team when you register a team name 
  • Teams have until August 23 to select runners
  • The race sells out quickly and the code is a guaranteed registration

How do you purchase a prepaid code?
The Team Captain (person who creates the team) has the option to purchase prepaid codes when creating a team name. There is a question on the team registration form where the Team Captain has the option of purchasing up to eight (8) prepaid codes per team.

How do you use a prepaid code?
On the registration form there is a place to enter the code. The Team Captain can enter the runner or can give the runner the code. The runner will automatically be placed on the team with which the team is attached.

  • The Team Captain will receive the prepaid code in an email.
  • The Team Captain can also find the prepaid code in the Team Tools.

When can I use my prepaid code?
Your prepaid codes are valid from June 5 - August 23 in case you need to switch runners. If a registered runner on the team can no longer run, the runner must use the online transfer program to allow another runner on the team.
There is an additional charge for transferring.

Can a runner who registered using a code transfer to another runner? 
You can transfer to another runner but you will not be given a refund.
The prepaid code is tied to the original purchase of the team and not the individual runner.


Add or Drop a runner
The Team Captain is the person who purchases the team. The Team Captain ONLY can:

  • Drop a runner from the team.
  • Add (Draft) a registered runner to the team.

The Team Tools page is used for this.
The Team Captain will use the login & password that he/she set up when creating the team.
Both the runner (dropped or added) and Team Captain will receive an email after a change has occurred.

Drop a runner from the team
Step 1: Login to Team Tools
Step 2: Click on Manage Registered Team (view roster, add/drop members, communicate)
Step 3: Click on the drop member link by the person's name
Step 4: The Team Member has been dropped from your team

  • If a prepaid code was used to register the runner, the code is still attached to the runner
  • The runner is still registered in individual status
  • Click here for the prepaid code FAQ's

Draft a registered runner to a team
Step 1: Login to Team Tools
Step 2: Click on Manage/Registered Teams (view roster, add/drop members, communicate)
Step 3: Click on Draft Member
Step 4: Search for Individuals by adding name and email address
Step 5: Click submit
Step 6: Choose the Team Name in the Move-To Team pull-down menu
Step 7: Click Commit Changes
Step 8: The runner is on your team

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